• my teaching experience in higher education,
  • the reflection I myself called it “strategmatic”,
  • the things I’ve been impressed with.
Victor Vasarely (https://www.kazoart.com/blog/en/vasarely-in-ten-artworks/)

gwen-dolen about strategmatic

The reason I chose Gwendolen to have my blog entitled is basically sentimental. I have split the Medieval Welsh name, interpreting its etymology, and paraphrased it. Searching for a metaphor, gwen-dolen is meant here as a “ring of gladness”. Hence, Ring of gladness is to be a collection of records based on an acquainted, issue-mattered fields I am teaching and researching in: services marketing, marketing strategy, scenario planning, experiential learning.

Strategmatic I bring up to the both strategic (strategy) and strategemic (strategema). It is inherent in the both nouns. Strateg-matic becomes a peculiar texture of seizing on exogenous drivers for addressing and managing organizational issues. The external driving forces are to be handled intentionally, for organizational decisions to be taken gradually according to what those are capable of, demanding for, setting as goals to put up targets. Simultaneously, strategmatic is used by fore-sighting, fore-casting and for(e)-assessing the uncertain round-ups, taking into consideration the most probable or the most extreme trends. It is to be about unfolding plausible futures.

Strategmatic concerns the assignments of intentional pursuits to behave over a foresighted situation. Since the context has been reflected and the current round-ups have been blueprinted, the strategmatic is proactively set up by what has been forethought in advance.

Strategmatically is modus operandi for bringing an intentioned outcome to an inceptive situation. One acts strategmatically upon it, when designs an organizational journey of pursuits against maintaining the status-quo or doing-nothing. Pursuits are meant as a series of activities for bridging the chasm between what is desired and what becomes actual.

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